Custom Wood

Custom wood fence

Wood fences provide versatile design options to accent your surroundings. The warmth and beauty of natural wood can be worth the added maintenance. A properly designed, finely crafted and skillfully installed wood fence takes on an individual quality all its own. Matched to the style of your house and landscape, it will enhance your home's appearance and add to its value.

Types of Wood Fencing

  • Privacy

    Wood privacy fences can provide a solid barrier between properties. The many wood design options allow you to create a fence that's both beautiful and functional.

  • Picket

    There are an unlimited number of styles to choose from when planning a picket fence. The style simply depends on it's use; borders, protection, or privacy.

  • Split Rail

    Split rail fences use the least amount of wood, making them well suited for larger, more open areas of land. In practice, rail fencing is used to contain livestock or serve as a boundary marker. However, because of its rustic style, it's popular in decorative applications as well.

  • Western Red Cedar

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Custom Wood
Wood fences provide versatile design options to accent your surroundings

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