Gates & Railings

Don't forget the gate!

It's the most important part of your fence and since it's also the only moving part, it's susceptible to sagging, sticking or slipping out of alignment. Properly designed gates will use quality hardware to help maintain proper operation and meet security and safety concerns.


DeSelle Fence Co. provides a wide selection of styles when choosing a railing for your deck, patio or porch. The wide selection of styles provides a beautiful compliment for virtually any type of architecture.

DeSelle Fence Co. keeps safety in mind when installing a railing. When properly installed, railings are a beautiful and secure addition to your construction project.

Railings are available in vinyl, wood, or ornamental iron.

  • Ornamental iron railing
  • Custom wood railing
  • Custom wood railing

More Gates

  • Custom ornamental iron gate
  • Custom wood gate
  • Custom wood gate
  • Chain link gate